From the Prairies to the West Coast and Beyond...

Do you have a memory that you would like to capture on canvas? Perhaps it was when you took a trip to a tropical paradise for a special occasion. Do you have fond memories of spending the summer at a beach cottage or a trip to your grampa's farm? Is there a special anniversary, wedding, or birthday coming up? Are you looking for a gift for someone who is retiring? Would you like to commemorate your pet? Or do you just have an empty spot on your wall to fill with something beautiful? Any size and subject to fit any budget. Let me do a commission painting for you.
  • Smooth Sailing Smooth Sailing
  • Breath of Spring Breath of Spring
  • Fillmore Sask Fillmore Sask
  • Jasons Ride Jasons Ride
  • Grab a Hat and Head to the Beach Grab a Hat and Head to the Beach
  • Dog River Dog River
  • Hotel Don Pepe - 2nd Commission Hotel Don Pepe - 2nd Commission
  • Lilies for Husband Lilies for Husband
  • Lajord Sask Lajord Sask
  • Balcarres Elevator Balcarres Elevator
  • Don Pepe Don Pepe
  • Power of Poppies - triptych Power of Poppies - triptych
  • Bringing Back Memories Bringing Back Memories
  • Kelliher Elevator Kelliher Elevator
  • Puppy Luv Puppy Luv